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Geographic Data

Burkina Faso is located at the center of West Africa. Its area is 274,000 km2 and is surrounded by six countries: Côte d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast) to the South-West, Ghana and Togo to the south, Benin to the South-East, Niger to the east and North-East, and finally Mali from the West to North. The size of Burkina Faso is 625 Km from the North to the South and 850 Km from the East to the West. Burkina Faso is a landlocked country with no coastline so that, for its exchanges with foreign countries, the country has to rely on four main corridors which are Ivory Coast (through road and railway), Ghana, Togo and Benin (via road). Burkina Faso is a relatively flat country with an average elevation of around 300 m (above sea level).

Burkina Faso has a primarily Sudano-tropical climate which can be sub-divided into three climatic zones as follows: the Sahel climate to the North with average temperatures going from 10 degrees in January to 40 degrees in April; the Sudano-Sahel climate to the Center with temperatures varying between 12 degrees in January and 40 degrees in April; the Sudan climate to the South-West with temperatures scaling between 12 degrees in January and 38 degrees in April. Burkina Faso has two very distinct seasons: the dry season that lasts from October to April and the rainy season from May to September. Annually Burkina Faso receives approximately 250 to 500 millimeters of rainfall in the far North, 500 to 1000 millimeters in the Center and Center-North, and 1000 to 1300 millimeters in the West and South-West. Burkina Faso has various large ponds, numerous lakes and rivers. The main rivers are essentially Mouhoun, Nazinon and Nakambe.

Burkina Faso has Sudano-Sahel flora. Approximately 5% of the territory is located in drought area, 69% in semi-drought zone and 26% in wet zone.

Burkina Faso’s fauna is very rich and diversified. It comprises different species of mammals (such as elephants, buffalo, phacochere, hippopotamus, lions, leopards, monkeys, etc.), reptiles, insects, and birds of typical West African characteristics.

The capital city of Burkina Faso is Ouagadougou with a population of 1,475,000 people (est. 2006). The second biggest city in Burkina Faso is Bobo-Dioulasso with 490,000 people.


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