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The Embassy
Published , Tuesday 1 December 2009
Cooperation with Taiwan
The bilateral cooperation between the Republic of China (Taiwan) and Burkina Faso is an exemplary partnership since the re-establishment of the diplomatic relations between the two countries in February 1994. The achieved results in the implementation of the bilateral cooperation programs are very tangible and people in Burkina Faso are proud of it. Such dynamic cooperation between the two countries has led to the (...) continue ..

Published , Tuesday 18 March 2008
Organizational Chart
L’ambassadeur S.E.M Jacques Y. Sawadogo Epouse : Madame SAWADOGO Rihanata Deuxième Conseiller Monsieur Isidore Taro Deuxième Conseiller Monsieur BITIE Daouda Le Trésorier Monsieur W. Blaise Parfait KEMDE Responsable Service consulaire Madame KEMDE Marie Cécile KI Secrétaire particulière Mlle Justine Chiu continue ..

Published , Tuesday 18 March 2008
Office Hours
Heures de Taiwan : de 9h00mn à 12 h 00 mn de 14 h00mn à 17h 30 mn Heures du Burkina : de 1h 00 mn à 4 h 00 mn de 06 h00 mn à 09 h 30 mn continue ..

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